FF01: Shredders on a Mission

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Shredders on a Mission

Who is Suzette Mayne?

Suzette Mayne is a 48-year-old mother of four. Her 10+ year journey in fitness and weight loss started when her youngest child was 2 and she weighed 240lbs. The next 18 months saw her lose over 90 lbs through sheer hard work and determination. Today we hear her inspirational story and she shares her best and worst moments on that journey.

“It’s a journey of the mind before it is of the body.” – Suzette Mayne (1.25)

How to overcome obstacles, maintain focus, and stay consistent

Suzette goes into detail about what a crucial part your mind plays when it comes to being motivated, consistent, and making a commitment to yourself. You need to have that end goal in mind and know what you want to achieve, but you have got to break it down into manageable chunks, work on losing the next 5 lbs and the next, and the next. That way you get yourself moving in the right direction and don’t get overwhelmed by the task ahead.

“Making that commitment to yourself, I’m doing this and nothing is going to stop me and there is no option to quit.” – Suzette Mayne (6.22)

Suzette’s biggest motivations and inspirations

The biggest motivation for us all to keep working out is feeling good. Of course, we all want to look good on the outside but it’s all about feeling good on the inside too. It’s a circle, if you work hard at your training you feel good on the inside, you see your muscles grow, and allow yourself to feel good on the outside. Suzette talks us through how she found some inspirational people, podcasts, and blogs online when she first started her journey and where that led.

“Everybody needs to get to the point where they are self-inspired.” – Mike Mahony (21.29)

Advice for those out there just starting their journey or are finding it hard to stay on track

Life will always give you the opportunity to give up, sometimes life will throw problems at you that you must deal with. It might be your health, it might be family, friends, or your relationship but you have got to stay positive. When you’re not feeling good mentally and physically it can give you the chance to fall back to how you were before. You need to remember you will get through these bad times and so long as you never quit you will get positive results.

“If you\'re having a setback in your life, use that as a springboard to come back stronger and better than before.” – Suzette Mayne (38.15)

Tip of Show

“Always arrive at the gym with your workout prepared ahead of time.” Mike Mahony (41.15)

No Baloney Moment

“Creatine – this is a supplement that can be quite helpful for some people. While other people report absolutely no results at all.” Mike Mahony (41.49)


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