EPA001: How to Build a Digital Podcast Workstation


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Elite Podcast Academy Show Notes

Mike walks you through the equipment you will need to set up a fantastic digital podcast workstation without breaking the bank.

The highlights include:

  • Your Digital Podcast Workstation Needs a Great Microphone
  • Know What Your Microphone Needs to Do
  • My Budget Microphone of Choice
  • Your Digital Podcast Workstation Needs Good Headphones
  • Add a Mixer or Audio Interface to Your Digital Podcast Workstation
  • Budget Recording Software (DAW)
  • Your Digital Workstation is Not Complete Without Cables and Cords
  • There Is Never a Need to Break the Bank

You will learn how to build a workstation on a budget that will enable you to produce a top-notch podcast show.

Dig in and learn something today!

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