EPA005: Stop Procrastinating and Start Recording

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Mike takes us on a trip through cleaning up our audio quality.

The highlights:

  • Podcast Cleanup Before and During Recording
  • Small is Good
  • Check for Reverb
  • Check Volume Levels
  • Microphone Distance
  • Sit Still
  • Create a Noise Profile
  • Always Use Headphones
  • Keep Quiet While Guests Are Talking
  • Fix Sound Quality Issues at the Start
  • Post-Production Podcast Cleanup
  • Hindenberg Journalist Pro
  • Izotope RX 6
  • Mixing Down
  • It is Worth the Time to Do It Right

Dig in and learn something today!

[slideshare id=129251769&doc=005stoptheprocrastinationandstartrecording-190125170841]