TNR204: I Have Nothing Against the Homeless

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The Nightly Rant Episode 204 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss a city council meeting that was set to discuss a homeless shelter.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 204 Show Notes

Mike opens the show and lets us all know he is fired up. He says he has been waiting to start the show for more than an hour.

He goes on to discuss the potential for a homeless shelter less than a mile from their home. This has been discussed on the show before. Mike says that due to proximity, they should have a say on that homeless shelter. He wants to address some comments that were made at the city council meeting.

There was an open house held about the homeless shelter. He says it was obvious that many of the people had no idea how government works and he feels that is fine. The fact that they've shown up for this issue is a good thing.

As for the city council meeting, people could not figure out how to fill out the form for requesting to be a speaker. They have a checkbox that says “Oral Communication” or a box for the agenda item itself. The law in California says you cannot speak on an agenda item in public comments. You speak right before a vote on that agenda item.

The clerk announced that there were many people who didn't indicate what they wanted to talk about. She said she would call the names out to sort them out. The very first person named came up and talked about the homeless situation. That wasn't supposed to happen.

Torya feels the city made a colossal mistake. She says they should have moved the agenda item for this homeless shelter to the front of the agenda. She feels it was rude to keep them waiting until 9:30 pm from 5 pm when they knew why the people were there.

Mike points out that they even took the Council Communications section before the public hearing.

Mike transitions to the comments he is seeing online about the homeless shelter.

People don't want a homeless shelter “that close to a school.” California state law says that you cannot place restrictions on homeless shelters that are not placed on homes and apartments. He says the real truth is that the fear they have is something already happening because the police cannot enforce the law due to the lack of shelter space. This makes their argument a moot point.

Mike rants about the fact that when your worst case scenario is already an option, your argument is not worthwhile.

Mike rants about how they were simply chasing the homeless from location to location, but now they share data and know what that person has been up to.

Mike rants about the arguments against the shelter that claim to worry about issues that are already going on. The people act like the homeless shelter would be the cause of these issues.

Mike highlights the comments of a man who said that this environment is awful. The man said “You people are like the people who say they can't be racist because you have black friends.” He stated this because the people speaking against the shelter continually stated “I have nothing against the homeless.” Mike clapped for this comment and he received so many dirty looks.

Mike again points out that if he disagrees with one or more of your points, that doesn't mean he disagrees with all of your points.

Mike and Torya make a statement that they are very proud of the people who came out to be heard. Mike says he may disagree, but he is glad the people came to the meeting.

Torya says there is a transparency issue. She is not saying they are hiding something, but they way they've handled the issue, gives the appearance they are.

Mike ends the show predicting that the shelter will be approved by a 3-2 vote.

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