EPA008: Get the Scoop on Why You Should Podcast

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Mike explains all the reasons you really should be podcasting.

The highlights:

  • Reasons Given for Not Having a Podcast
  • I don\'t have an audience
  • I Don\'t Have Room for a Studio
  • I Can\'t Afford the Equipment
  • Why You Should Podcast
  • Your Customers Like Podcasts
  • Consistency is Easier
  • Podcasts are Sticky
  • You Should Podcast for Your Personal Brand
  • Become a Welcomed Guest
  • Sharing Your Expertise
  • You Should Podcast to Create Trust
  • You Should Podcast to Craft Your Message
  • Risk Tolerance, Security, Predictability, & Integrity
  • Level of Adjustment, Relative Power, & Benevolent Concern
  • Finding Similarities, Capability, & Level of Communication
  • Take the Steps Needed

Dig in and learn something today!

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