LR18: Gina Clayton-Tarvin and Life as an Elected Official

Gina Clayton-Tarvin

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Liberty Revealed Episode 18 Show Summary

Mike is joined by Gina Clayton-Tarvin, Ocean View School District Trustee, for a spirited discussion about life as a public figure.

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Liberty Revealed Episode 18 Show Notes

Mike introduces Gina Clayton-Tarvin, Trustee at the Orange View School District.

Gina says that both parents were very political. Her dad had been appointed to the Board of Equalization. He also ran for office when she was 2 years old.

Her mom was the President of the San Diego County Republican Federated. She was born and raised a Republican. The first campaign she worked on was for George HW Bush.

She is a teacher and got involved in the union.

She was asked to run for school board in Long Beach when she lived there. She ran against an incumbent. She lost by 200 votes. Later when she moved to Huntington Beach. She went to a school board meeting in 2012. She spoke on the topic of class size.

Her neighbor, Gino Bruno, told her the teacher\'s associate wanted to speak with her. They asked her to run for school board. She gave them her terms and they agreed.

Mike explains what lead to his run for school board in 2010.

Gina explains her initial time on the board in Ocean View. She discussed how she and John Briscoe attacked the asbestos issues in their district. She says this is what started a cultish following of her.

They then sued a trash company. They have an open air trash dump next to a school. They prevailed and got a $26 million settlement. She picked up some enemies, including Chris Epting.

This started a 3 year aggression towards Gina.

Mike says that he immediately liked Gina because of her attitude that she will do what is right rather than worry about getting re-elected. He likes her willingness to speak her mind. He feels they are connected.

Mike discusses meeting Norm Westwell at a Libertarian meeting. Mike found him to be very interesting, but not in a great way. Mike says he was a bit \”off\”.

Gina explains her situation with Norm. She begins stating how much alike the Libertarians can be with some Democrats.

She explains that Norm has become an obstructionist. He calls kids and parents failures. He calls the staff failures.

She explains about the Proud Boys coming to their board meetings, threatening her and heckling her.

She had to get a restraining order against local blogger, Chuck Johnson. Norm went and testified on behalf of Chuck.

She said that during meetings he made many rude comments with sexual innuendos. He sexually harassed Gina during a meeting. During her trustee\'s comments she outed him. He denied it. President John Briscoe wrote a censure. They had debate about it. Norm tried to stop the debate, but everyone else let him know they knew he was lying.

Mike relates his experience at a city council meeting where some racists bad mouthed a man and later realized he was on their side.

Gina relates how people have threatened her. She says that you are free to say anything to her at a meeting, but don\'t threaten her. Mike agrees. She discusses the keyboard warriors who were opposing her.

Mike explains his take on Gina\'s situation.

Gina points out that people claimed she was a \”climber\” and she has stayed where she is for 7 years thus far.

Mike says again that he loves that Gina is outspoken. He relates a story about when he was running for office and how people advised him what to say. He says one should never say things they don\'t agree with.

Mike says he was mortified by the behavior of Chuck Johnson. He brings a parallel with Dirty John, the podcast. Mike says it isn\'t right that people can say whatever they want about elected officials.

She points out that Chuck Johnson got arrested for drug and alcohol charges. This guy claimed Gina was moonlighting as a stripper. He said she was having an affair that she was NOT having an affair with. He knew these things were not true. He then took images, doctored them and put her in weird historical circumstances. He claimed she is a megalomaniac.

Mike discusses his own stalker and what happened. She claimed Mike had a major criminal record. He explained how she blatantly disregarded a cease and desist order.

Gina explains how people have believed many of the false statements about her. She says she tries to live ethically. She says that basic right and wrong dictates you should not lie about another human being.

Mike talks about meeting a Boston Globe reporter at Politicon.

They finish up talking about things they agree with each other on.

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