TNR226: Your Favorite Blockhead

Your Favorite Blockhead

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The Nightly Rant Episode 226 Summary

Mike and Torya are joined by a very special guest, Brian Little from Your Favorite Blockhead.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 226 Show Notes

  • Mike opens the show talking about the time for celebration.
  • Mike introduces Brian Little from Your Favorite Blockhead and they have a big announcement.
  • Brian's show is now a part of Yogi's Podcast Network!
  • Brian tells us about his love for A&W Root Beer.
  • Torya tells Brian she loves Barqs Root Beer.
  • Brian reminds Torya of the guy on Instagram that got her fired up.
  • Mike officially announces that Your Favorite Blockhead is the newest member of Yogi's Podcast Network.
  • Mike encourages listeners to subscribe to and listen to Brian's show.
  • Mike says people hate him.
  • Brian calls Mike the Libertarian version of Madea.
  • Mike lets everyone know there will soon be a Torya-focused episode.
  • Brian tells the story of how Your Favorite Blockhead came into existence.
  • Brian educates us on the word blockhead.
  • Brian rants about the college admissions scam.
  • Mike discusses how there will be lawsuits over the scam.
  • Mike rants about how dumb people are and how they think they know an actor or actress based on the roles they played.
  • Mike says they have learned via analysis that people tend to not be very smart.
  • Brian goes on a dodo bird rant
  • Mike talks about how people never seem to think things through to the end.
  • Mike rants about Social Media Warriors.
  • Brian talks about a Peanuts page on Facebook and a disagreement he had.
  • The “Susan Rule” is discussed.

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