LR23: Loss of Freedom with Greg Kotstafis

Loss of Freedom with Greg Kotstafkis

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Liberty Revealed Episode 23 Show Summary

Mike is joined by Greg Kotstafis to discuss what happens when a human being loses their freedom.

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Liberty Revealed Episode 23 Show Notes

Mike introduces his guest,Greg Kotstafis.

Greg tells the story of how he wound up in trouble and losing his freedom.

Greg says losing his freedom was devastating.

He says the repercussions of getting out are worse than when you are in.

Greg says you lose credibility. Your relationships have difficulty with trust. New relationships require you to disclose what you did. It can be hard for people to understand and it takes time for them to trust you again.

He says he\'s been dealing with this for 7 years and he is still dealing with it.

Greg advises that people need trusted people they can talk to about these issues as they arise.

Greg discusses how he was given the advice to file for bankruptcy.

Greg explains how we take so much about our freedom for granted.

Greg points out that one mistake caught on social media can also ruin your life forever.

Greg says that when you can be transparent you have better relationships.

Mike and Greg discuss the need for boundaries.

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