TNR247: Your Favorite Blockhead Talks Standardized Tests

Your Favorite Blockhead Talks Standardized Testing

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The Nightly Rant Episode 247 Summary

Mike and Torya are joined by Brian Little who discusses standardized testing.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 247 Show Notes

  • Mike describes their return guest.
  • Brian Little chimes in to give his own introduction.
  • Brian doesn't like WWE.
  • Mike discusses how he used to love professional wrestling.
  • Brian relates a story about when he coached wrestling.
  • Mike opines that it is very strange that in sports, the mistakes the officials make are usually on plays that are not reviewable.
  • Brian wants to address standardized testing.
  • Mike asks Brian to address standardized testing but also address how teachers should be evaluated.
  • Brian says that students are too diverse for standardized testing.
  • He points out the issues that happen with standardized testing.
  • Brian mentions Frank Deangelis and his feelings about standardized testing.
  • Mike feels the people pushing the standardized tests are disconnected from what is going on.
  • Brian says that teachers should be assessed by how well their lesson plan is. He wants the administrators to do a hands-on evaluation.
  • Mike rants about society and how they misunderstand things that are so simple.

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