TNR124: Good Help is Hard to Find

Good Help Is Hard To Find

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The Nightly Rant Episode 124 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss their problems finding good help. They discuss past experiences and how they felt about those experiences.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 124 Show Notes

Mike opens the show in a way he has done previously. People never disappoint him. He is never surprised by where things wind up going with people. They always manage to completely disappoint him. He talks about digital marketers who talk about their wonderful virtual assistants. He discusses his developer search and how hard it is to find qualified candidates.

This leads to a discussion of virtual assistants and how they start out great only to suck later.  Mike and Torya detail some past experiences with bad virtual assistants. They talk about how Upwork tracks the time and activity and how these freelancers beat that system.

Mike then details their experience with their last virtual assistant who overreacted to a request to chat. Mike gives some advice to freelancers on how to survive these contract jobs. This guy marked a bunch of tasks done that were not done. Mike says this makes that guy a liar. Mike gives this guy some advice because this guy is running a service offering virtual assistants and web design.

Some concepts discussed:

  • Don't charge for work you haven't done
  • Don't mark things complete until they are actually completed
  • Communicate with your clients

Mike wants to know why people do this. He brings up the mobile groomer they called who set up an appointment and then never showed, never called, just ghosted Mike.

Mike says these people are just inconsiderate. Torya says these people need a better project management system.

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