TNR126: Washington, We Have a Problem!

Washington, We have a Problem

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The Nightly Rant Episode 126 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the continuing saga of their crazy mail person and how Mike had to write to Washington, DC for help.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 126 Show Notes

Apparently, it is the last official day of the 21 Day Challenge.

Mike wants to know who recalls the saga of the most horrendous mail carrier on earth. Torya says she remembers. Torya recounts the story for the listeners.

Mike recounts the story that occurred today wherein the mail carrier had marked the package “Customer refused delivery: did not want” and also labeled it “unable to reach the door.” He was nowhere near this package when it arrived. She (the mail carrier) left it with the manager of the building. Mike is clearly angry about this situation. Apparently, the mail carrier from hell has decided she won't deliver any packages to the third floor at all.

Mike says she's one of those people who know the rules so well that she uses them to get her way on everything. Mike tells us about another mail lady years ago who was just super lazy. One of the neighbors got her in trouble. What did USPS do? They transferred her to the post office behind the counter.

Mike can't understand why these mail carriers are protected the way they are. They utilize the rules against the customers so they don't have to do work. They make all mail carriers look bad when they allow this stuff to happen. What organization in the world allows this other than the USPS?

Torya recounts her time working as a union employee one year and a non-union employee the next year and the pay was so different. They then discuss Torya's dad and his experience with the union. They discuss how the concept of a union is good, but the execution is bad. This leads to Mike ranting about how people want to force businesses to raise their wages. He says that should not be a thing at all. Businesses should pay what they feel the job is worth and employees will decide whether or not to work there.

They then discuss Moviepass and the problems it has. They give their ideas on how they should have handled it.

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