TNR148: Pete the Possum Scares Everyone!

What Happened to Decorum?

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The Nightly Rant Episode 148 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the possum that invaded his ex-wife's house. There are actually two possum stories in this one!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 148 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by asking a question which is answered by the word “possum.” Torya argues that it is “opossum.”

Mike explains that when he went to pick up the kids for school he noticed bedlam in the kitchen. The kids describe the previous night. Apparently, a possum licked their mom's foot and then scurried under the couch. Everyone searched and could find nothing, so they told her she was nuts. Apparently, the possum caused havoc in the kitchen overnight.

Mike took the time to open up the screen in the kitchen to assist the possum in leaving the house. Torya says Mike left out the best part of the story which is the text message where Mike's ex-wife asked him to bring Yogi over to help sniff out the possum. 

Torya then confirms Mike was correct and that “possum” is what is used here in the United States. Once again, Mike was right!

The possum was not found. They assume the possum left. 

Mike says even Google failed to help with the possum. All it could tell you is how to keep possums out of your house, but not how to chase them away.

Mike then relates an older possum story where he saw one climbing up a screen on a window at his old house.

Torya brings up packrats.

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