TNR200: A Look Back at the First 199 Episodes

A Look Back at the First 199 Episodes

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The Nightly Rant Episode 200 Summary

Mike and Torya take a look back at the first 199 episodes.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 200 Show Notes

This is a very special episode. It is quite an achievement to reach 200 episodes and that is what we commemorate today. Episode 200 takes a look back at the past 199 episodes. It tells you what Mike and Torya found interesting about the 1 year that it took them to reach 200 episodes.

The Nightly Rant has reached a major milestone in podcasting.

The 200th episode was just released.

This episode is a retrospective. Mike and Torya discuss the first 199 episodes.

They talk about the issues that made them laugh.

They tell everyone what made them angry.

The Nightly Rant is the flagship show for Yogi's Podcast Network.

If you like trash bag basketball, crazy inconsiderate neighbors, a guy from Newport Beach named Patrick or you want to learn about how to get ahead in business, this episode has it all.

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