TNR201: Great News for the New Year

A Look Back at the First 199 Episodes

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The Nightly Rant Episode 201 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss the amazing things they are going to do in the New Year.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 200 Show Notes

Mike discusses the change in The Web Scientists and how it is going to be split up into multiple different companies. He says he hasn't had to write much code in the past year or so. He is going to become a Virtual CTO, helping companies with their technology. He can handle all aspects of a business' technology needs.

Mike and Torya say that any podcasts wanting to be part of Yogi's Podcast Network should get in touch at

Mike talks about how people who believe they deserve to have more money will get more money.

Mike is focused on a major content creation campaign that is launching on January 8, 2019. This is why it is the best time to join the network.

Mike rants about getting started on change immediately. He says waiting for the New Year is never a good idea. He says the calendar is irrelevant to that change.

Mike predicts that within a year, when listeners think about podcasting they will be thinking about him.

Torya relays the fact that she is building up her virtual assistant business. They plan to blow up those two businesses.

Both Mike and Torya are so focused and ready to tackle the challenges they are facing.

Mike rants about a writer at iWriter who wrote some content for him and completely misunderstood the topic. It seemed horrible at first, but Mike decided that all he had to do was edit that content and then add to it as appropriate.

Mike mentions the goals for Q1. He is going to release 2 books in Q1.

Mike announces that he is extending The Zoo Media Network promotion through the end of January and is sweetening the deal by giving them a free copy of one of his books when it is released.

Torya describes her plans for her virtual assistant business. She discusses the need to work with a niche.

Mike gives some tips. He says don't have resolutions because they are useless. He says you need to have goals. He says break those goals down into smaller goals so they are achievable and keep you motivated.

Mike says he thinks having a niche is a good idea.

Mike finishes up the show by inviting podcasters to join Yogi's Podcast Network. He explains again why now is the best time to join the network.

Mike announces some changes to Fitness Freedom.

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