TNR203: The Rant on The Nightly Rant

The Rant on The Nightly Rant

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The Nightly Rant Episode 203 Summary

Mike and Torya are joined by Herman James of The Rant With Herman James to discuss New Year's Resolutions.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 203 Show Notes

Mike and Torya open the show discussing Torya's computer problems that are making her rage.

Mike introduces Herman James from The Rant With Herman James, the guest for today.

Mike takes a little time to get to know Herman and his show, The Rant With Herman James. Herman explains that he likes to rant about topics and that inspired his show.

Mike and Herman discuss how easily offended people are when they are called out about a lie or misstatement.

Mike says that New Year's resolutions are a waste of time. Herman says he loves that people wait an entire year to start working on a goal. This leads to a discussion about the various resolutions people make that are the most common.

Somehow, Herman rants about the word “diet” and how much he hates it. He goes on and on about different types of diets.

The discussion turns to workouts that kill you. Herman talks about the avoidance of what he ate even when tracking his calories. He points out he doesn't want people to know what he ate.

Mike asks Herman the strangest topic he covered on his show. He says he and someone else spoke about kneeling in professional sports and it didn't go well.

Mike tells Herman about the Trash Bag Basketball episode.

Herman recounts a time he did a show where they drank.

Mike says he relates because he wants to get some adults together to play board games and then wants to record the entire game session.

Torya says that if you want to hear curse words you've never heard, put Mario Kart in and listen to her go.

Mike tells a story about Torya's past where the police were called because she and two other women were yelling at the television when playing games.

Mike tells the story of his experience with the Canadian police.

Herman tells a story about Adam Carolla saying he has “FU money” and how he doesn't give a shit about the smaller things.

Mike says that Dr. Drew is the smartest dumb guy he has ever encountered. He talks about how Adam calls Drew out on all his stupidity.

Mike points out that podcasts are growing because the creators can put out whatever content they want and the audience decides if the show survives or not.

Herman discusses how he likes to play the room. He finds people's awkwardness funny.

Mike explains why they started Yogi's Podcast Network. Herman explains his take on the same thing. He has The Rant which is a broad topic show. He then has other shows that spotlight individual things.

They get back to the topic of resolutions and agree that you should just get it done. No need to wait for the New Year.

Herman says his biggest pet peeve is bad drives and cell phones while driving.

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