EPA003: How to Prepare Before Hitting Record

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Elite Podcast Academy Show Notes

Mike walks us through a series of tips for how to prepare for a podcast episode so that we are in the right frame of mind when we sit down and record.

It is very important to prepare before recording a podcast. There are many things that go into getting ready for recording your podcast episode. It doesn’t matter if it is your first episode or just one of many, you need to prepare by getting into a pre-recording routine.

If you are going to be doing an interview, there are things you need to prepare beforehand in order for that interview to go smoothly. You are going to want information about your guest’s background, you will need to send them a link with the right date and time, and you should test your recording equipment to be sure it is working properly.

Some podcasters need little to no time to prepare, while others need some extensive time to prepare so as to clear the cob webs. Fatigue, a lack of comfort, distractions, and a disruption of routine can all lead to a poor podcasting performance.

Now the following tips may not be exactly what you need to get in your podcast groove and prepare for a great recording, but you might get a few ideas of new things to try if you just don’t feel comfortable yet! These 21 tips can not only help you in your podcasting but can also aid in improving overall mental and physical health. Check it out, and see which ones help you!

Some highlights:

  • Drink a Coffee for Increased Energy
  • Take a Walk to Clear Your Mind
  • Make a List of Talking Points
  • Phone a Friend
  • De-Clutter Your Workspace
  • Go to the Gym to Get the Blood Pumping
  • Meditate or Take Some Quiet Time
  • Read a Relevant Article
  • Watch a Relevant YouTube Video
  • Journal Your Thoughts
  • Go For a Run
  • Take a Moment of Silence
  • Calm Breathing
  • Listen to Chill Music
  • Listen to Some Hype Music
  • Adjust the Room Temperature
  • Minimize Multi-Tasking
  • Draw a Picture
  • Leave Your Workspace for a Fun Activity
  • Sit in a Park
  • Write Down What You’re Grateful For
  • Why Preparation Matters
  • Choose Your Interview Subject Well
  • A Good Bio Build Reciprocity
  • Prepare a Fun Opening
  • Preparation Brings Success

Dig in and learn something!

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