TNR208: Jackson Horn

TNR208: Jackson Horn

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The Nightly Rant Episode 208 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome aspiring comedian, Jackson Horn.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 208 Show Notes

  • Odie the troll was sighted on Instagram
  • Mike introduces Jackson Horn, an aspiring comedian
  • Jackson talks about how he gives a fuck about some things.
  • Jackson says people can't handle being roasted
  • Jackson defines what roasting is.
  • Torya says most people are assholes
  • Jackson rants about the roast he conducted on Instagram
  • Mike chastises Jackson for making hand motions on a podcast to explain himself.
  • Jackson vents about grammar and Mike says that's why he uses Grammarly–so he doesn't have to remember grammar rules.
  • Mike explains that people judge you and no matter what you show them, they hold onto that judgment.
  • Torya complains that she doesn't get to have these conversations on social media because people just block her
  • Jackson speaks about religion
  • Mike tells Jackson that of his two points about religion, only one of them is correct, while the other is incorrect.
  • Torya says there is no gray area with people online
  • Mike rants about personal liberty (as usual)
  • Mike advises people about how to handle themselves on social media
  • Mike rants about why he finds Twitter to be entertaining
  • Mike says that extremes are not comfortable for him
  • Mike talks about what happens when you truly care about someone.

Jackson Horn – @thefunnyhorn on Instagram

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