TNR209: Racist People

Racist people

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The Nightly Rant Episode 209 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome aspiring comedian, Jackson Horn.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 209 Show Notes

  • Dunkin is fired up because Yogi has been teasing him.
  • Mike says Yogi is respectful and Torya disagrees.
  • Mike rants about how dogs should all speak the same language despite their breed.
  • Mike rants about people who tell you what it is you are going to say
  • Mike and Torya get into it about society.
  • Mike says that people make a big deal about racism when racism is not present in the situation.
  • Mike feels people of color often create a racist situation by their own reaction to things.
  • They use the example of someone stealing and being caught on video.
  • Mike says the right thing to do is to address the real issue rather than throwing racism in to deflect.
  • Torya relates the racism issue to people who call other people white trash.
  • Mike rants about people who check Facebook once a month and then respond to a comment and tag him.
  • The discussion turns to Dunkin\'s impending adoption.
  • Torya says when discussing something from your own geographic area, the discussion isn't about race.
  • There are many different shades of gray.
  • The rant turns towards the homeless issue.
  • Mike says his position has evolved and he is now part of the law and order idea.
  • Pretty Girl fools Dunkin.

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