TNR213: How We Grew Into a Zoo

How We Grew Into a Zoo

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The Nightly Rant Episode 213 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss a trip to Moreno Valley, which brings up how they wound up with so many pets.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 213 Show Notes

  • They open the show talking about their trip to Moreno Valley to rescue a wiener dog.
  • It was a wasted trip because they could not take the dog as other people were in line before them.
  • They talk about how they used their travel time to have a meeting for their business.
  • They discuss their business processes for a bit
  • Dunkin is gone and now he is named Ramen.
  • Mike messes with Torya, telling her maybe he is a dumb lunatic or a lunatic that is dumb.
  • Mike points out again that Jackson Horn didn't like the word “belief” at all.
  • Torya points out that Mike was loudly pointing it out during the show.
  • The discussion turns to the Pretty Girl cat and how she was adopted.
  • Torya explains why Parker is “probably rude”

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