TNR217: Don’t Pretend You Know Me!

Don't Pretend to Know Me!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 217 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss people who pretend to know them.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 217 Show Notes

  • Mike complains about people who act as if they know him but are making too many assumptions.
  • He says this is related to the homeless shelter issue yet again.
  • He says Buena Park is far more normal in this respect.
  • Mike says calling people racist is rude.
  • Torya says that a guy with 150 followers asked for a shout-out, but has never been on one of our shows. She told him no.
  • Today that guy came back and called Torya a racist for not shouting him out.
  • Torya says this is her hot button–being called a racist when she's done nothing to deserve it.
  • They discuss their work with the dog rescue.

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