LR15: Ray Denaro, Republican for 47th New York Assembly District

Ray Denaro

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Liberty Revealed Episode 15 Show Summary

Mike is joined by Ray Denaro, New York Assembly District 47 candidate.

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Liberty Revealed Episode 15 Show Notes


Mike opens the show introducing his guest, Ray Denaro. Ray is a candidate for the New York Assembly, 47th District. Ray ran for City Council in New York in 2017. Mike mentions Ray wrote an article about why he switched from a registered Democrat to a registered Republican.

Ray says he was inspired to run for assembly because he is a community advocate and he feels there is a need for change in Brooklyn. He mentions \”the zombie vote\” where Democrats take hold of a seat and hold on to it forever. This happens because there are more Democrats than Republicans by a count of 6 to 1 in his district.

He is 28 and has lived in his district his entire life.

Ray\'s platform involves community. He is concerned that the community aspect is now missing. The local politicians are not paying attention to the community. Sports programs have dwindled. He sees some negative change having taken place.

Mike mentions his kinship with Ray due to having run for office multiple times. Mike asks how he felt when the results came through.

Ray says election day was a great experience. He got 30% of the vote in just 3 months.

Ray describes the challenge he intends to bring to his opponent.

Mike asks Ray how he feels about term limits. Ray says that he agrees with term limits. He feels his opponent has become out of touch with his community due to the lack of term limits.

Mike talks about his own opinions about term limits.

Ray mentions that opiate addiction is a major issue in his district. He mentions shooting facilities and seems to be slightly against them.

Mike discusses the shooting facilities and explains why he is for them.

Ray is opposed because they don\'t know where to put them. He is afraid they will put them close to schools or in the midst of residential neighborhoods. He doesn\'t think it solves the problem.

Ray says people are turned away when they seek help because there is no funding.

Mike talks about the homeless issue in Orange County. He mentions that the citizens don\'t want a homeless shelter near their homes. He says they make the same excuses — that people don\'t want help.

Ray says that the people who want and desire help should get help.

Mike discusses forcing people to get help and how that is wrong.

Ray discusses his campaign and how he has been fighting for what he stands for. The community is excited about his run.

Mike is somewhat amazed by the number of assembly districts in New York. He then explains that he finds the diversity to be one of the cool things about our country.

Ray discusses his article about why he became a Republican. He explains all the things that bother him and lead to the change for him. He is offended the Democrats are coming off as anti-cop and anti-logic and anti-American.

Ray says that New York City is the capital of the world and cannot get Amazon to agree to come there. Amazon says they didn\'t have the support of the politicians. The impact has been horrible.

Ray explains we need to get back to the basics.

Mike points out what influenced Ray according to Ray\'s article. He says it is interesting how children follow in the footsteps of their family. Mike points out that Ray did this and then changed directions. Mike explains he became a Libertarian because he realized his ideology fit better with them. He says not enough people look at their true beliefs are and then align themselves. He asks Ray how he feels about that.

Ray says you must be true to yourself at the end of the day. He feels people idolize politicians and follow them like a cult leader. He says you should align yourself with the party that makes the most sense to you. He says not all Republicans are racists or misogynists. He agrees with Mike.

Mike discusses how he tries to select the best person for the job without regard for party preference. He points out some of the flaws in the political world today, including the fact that people think because you vote third party you must have helped the other person win the election.

Mike says people used to avoid talking politics so others wouldn\'t influence them. He feels people are giving others multiple votes.

Mike asks Ray how he feels after having voted for Trump. He says he is happy to support Donald Trump. His vote was not only a vote for Trump, it was a vote against Hillary Clinton. He feels she is a terrible person with no real message. She wasn\'t going to be a good president. He is in favor of the wall at the border. He feels Trump is better for the economy and says that unless the Democrats can blow him away with a candidate he will vote for Trump again. Trump got 45% of the vote in his district.

Ray points out that he supports the POTUS. He says this is because if the POTUS does a good job, it benefits his constituents. He reminds people he is running for local office and can only effect the local scene. He tries to keep voters focused on local issues.

Mike asks Ray how he feels about Donald Trump\'s blatant dishonesty. Ray says that the \”news\” media gives their opinion. He seems to say that the opinion of the media influences society in a bad way.

Mike points out that he uses CNN as a barometer on how Trump is doing at that point. When he is accomplishing something good, CNN has lots to say. Mike discusses how he has seen the media change over his lifetime. He says when he was younger, the media all reported the exact same thing. The news was in the middle. Now the news is biased no matter how you look at it. Mike labels them entertainment media.

Mike then asks Ray how Trump\'s dishonesty compares to other presidents. Were they just as dishonest?

Ray says that Trump is a polarizing figure. He says he appreciates that Trump is blunt.

Mike predicts that unless the Democrats come up with a miracle candidate Trump will be re-elected. He points out how the polls anointed Clinton the POTUS yet she lost.

Ray points out how Trump was filling large arenas and Hillary was not. He says the polls got it completely wrong.

Mike discusses the speaking tour the Clintons took of Canada and they failed to fill any place they went. They even sold half off tickets on Groupon and still could not sell out.

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