TNR227: The Horn Returns

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The Nightly Rant Episode 227 Summary

Mike and Torya are joined by a very special guest, Jackson Horn.

Listen to The Nightly Rant Episode 227

The Nightly Rant Episode 227 Show Notes

  • Mike and Torya open the show discussing the trouble their guest is having with technology.
  • They describe Jackson's journey to find a good spot for the interview.
  • Jackson talks about how his life is changing.
  • Jackson tells Mike and Torya that his open mic appearances didn't go so well.
  • Mike says Jackson is still awesome just for putting himself out there.
  • Jackson explains that many people who are unhappy feel that way because they never do anything.
  • Mike explains that as Jackson keeps doing this he will get better.
  • Mike chastises Jackson for changing his Instagram name.
  • Jackson discusses his new girlfriend and their dynamic.
  • Jackson describes his Lime scooter accident.
  • Mike points out that in the last 14 minutes, Jackson has not changed his Instagram name.
  • They discuss the college cheating scandal.
  • Mike rants about how people see celebrities as their most prolific character and they expect them to act like that character.
  • Jackson starts comparing how women love Ryan Gossling. Torya says no way.
  • Mike brings up Jack Black as the comparison.
  • Mike points out how obvious perverted men can be.
  • Torya and Jackson spar over how women think.
  • Mike rants about it being wrong to use the words “always” and “never”
  • Mike predicts lots of lawsuits as a result of the college cheating scandal.
  • Mike rants about how the #metoo movement confuses men/boys. He suggests simply teaching your sons that no means no. Keep it simple.
  • Jackson gives his opinion of the #metoo movement
  • Mike discusses the importance of understanding the terms used in a discussion. He points out that things must be kept simple.

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