TNR228: The Toryasode

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The Nightly Rant Episode 228 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss all things Torya as requested on Instagram.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 228 Show Notes

  • Mike and Torya open the show discussing the Puma Man.
  • Torya explains her funniest memory from being a child.
  • Mike describes his take on the law of averages.
  • Torya doesn't have a favorite memory as an adult.
  • Torya says the only memory she has that is particularly wonderful is the day they got married.
  • Torya's first interaction with a dog was a Scottie named Scottie.
  • Torya says her dad shaped who she is today.
  • Mike says that a mortal enemy can be the person who influenced you the most.
  • Torya says she feels both parents influenced her equally.
  • Mike says he thinks that's the best approach.
  • Mike says Torya is intelligent and funny.
  • Torya says that life in 5 years will include owning a house, living somewhere less crowded.
  • Mike says that success means not being worried about your future.
  • Torya thinks immediately of a monkey clashing symbols together when asked to think of the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Torya's favorite domestic pet is a cat because she likes they don't take any of your shit, yet expect you to continue feeding them.
  • Torya describes the relationship between Yogi and Beans.
  • Mike points out that he and Torya define the same thing with different terminology.
  • Torya says if limited to just drinking soda, water, tea or coffee, she would choose soda.
  • Robin's Egg Blue is Torya's favorite color.
  • Torya discusses her experience with Air Cadets.

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