TNR239: Pop Culture With Ruben Jay

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The Nightly Rant Episode 239 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome pop culture expert, Ruben Jay to the show.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 239 Show Notes

  • Mike wonders what day it is.
  • Torya says that Ruben was the first person to reach out on Instagram to be a guest.
  • Ruben states he found Mike and Torya at Politicon.
  • Ruben says he followed Mike and Torya around Politicon for about 4 hours on one of the days. He says they ignored him. They don't recall seeing him at all.
  • Mike explains that he was shocked Trump became president.
  • He explains how he told Torya Trump would disappear, but never did.
  • Ruben says he predicted a Donald Trump presidency in 2011.
  • Ruben thinks Biden can win the nomination, but won't win.
  • Ruben doesn't align with any party.
  • Ruben explains what he sees wrong with our system.
  • Ruben discusses why he feels negotiation is the approach that should be used in Washington DC.
  • Mike says he thinks he and Torya are the only two who don\'t want Game of Thrones. Ruben says he is the third.
  • Ruben says he doesn't watch shows like this because he gets tired of hearing people talk about it.
  • Ruben explains he likes to watch things when he is ready.
  • Ruben discusses the ending of How I Met Your Mother. He says that people were upset because they invested a lot of their lives into that show. Binge watching makes you not be as invested.
  • Ruben and Torya discuss Friends.
  • Mike suggests Matthew Perry looks the way he does due to his substance abuse problem.
  • Torya says Game of Thrones is 100% her thing, but the hype makes her avoid it.
  • Mike discusses he and Torya's “Three Strike Television Show System”
  • Ruben asks what shows surprised them
  • Ruben agrees the Democrats are giving Trump another 4 years.
  • Ruben discusses the Democrat field of candidates.

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