LR21: Abe Abdelhadi Shares the Bitter Truth

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Liberty Revealed Episode 21 Show Summary

Mike is joined by Abe Abdelhadi of The Bitter Truth to discuss the candidates for President in 2020.

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Liberty Revealed Episode 21 Show Notes

Mike introduces his guest, Abe Abdelhadi.

They run through the candidates.

Kamala Harris: Abe says she was one of the worst attorney generals in California history. He mentions she is beholden to corporate interests.

Elizabeth Warren: Abe says she\'s great at chastising people doing unethical things, but never introduces legislation to deal with the issues once and for all.

Beto O\'Rourke. Abe lists his record of voting to bail out banks, not opposing wars and several other issues as a reason not to vote for him.

Tulsi Gabbard. Abe says he respects her as a veteran. He likes her voting record. She backs up what she says. She holds journalists\' feet to the fire.

Pete Buttigieg. Abe calls him the Gay Obama. He says that Buttigieg uses identify politics to get recognition. He talks about values.

Cory Booker. Abe calls him an empty suit.

Bernie Sanders. Abe says Bernie is dead to him because of how he handled the 2016 primary.

Andrew Yang. Abe says he has a business background, but he is still a corporate Democrat. He is into Universal Basic Income.

They divert into a discussion of minimum wage.

Marianne Williamson. Abe says he has a friend who is a big fan. He doesn\'t feel she understands foreign policy.

Joe Biden. Abe reminds us that Uncle Joe wrote the Patriot Act. He also reminds us about how he treated Anita Hill.

John Hickenlooper. Abe says he\'s a non-starter. Not even a blip on the radar.

Bill Weld. Abe says that Bill is too much about decorum and has no real substance to him.

The discussion turns into one about Trump and his policies.

Abe says Democrats refuse to accept responsibility when they lose.

Will socialism be a differentiator in the race?

Mike is a proponent of Universal Basic Income.

Abe suggests supporting the food companies so they can help feed the hungry rather than waste money on the defense industry.

Mike discusses the hypocrisy of those who oppose the homeless shelter in his town.

Both Mike and Abe say they are consistent in their viewpoints.

Abe says Russiagate was a ridiculous thing.

Mike rants about the Libertarian approach of \”all or nothing.\”

Mike says religion and politics are the same thing to him.

Mike discusses the flaw in the Libertarian system.

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