TNR241: Homelessness in Buena Park With Patrick Young

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The Nightly Rant Episode 241 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome Buena Park resident, Patrick Young.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 241 Show Notes

  • Mike opens the show announcing that Beans, the foster mutt, is going to manners class.
  • Mike introduces Patrick Young.
  • Patrick told his story about his encounters with the homeless.
  • Mike and Patrick agree that the timing of receiving help is critical for the homeless.
  • Patrick gets personal about homelessness.
  • Mike responds to Patrick and explains his own plan for ending homelessness.
  • Mike's plan:
    • Transitional housing (homeless shelter)
    • Get them paperwork ready by helping them get identification
    • Permanent assistive housing
    • Alfresco Gardens – mobile home park-type place
    • Police intervention of those left on the streets
  • Mike explains that his plan is aimed at letting the police do their job.
  • Mike and Patrick discuss how to help the homeless.
  • Mike asks Patrick if rock bottom is different for everyone and opines that being in a shelter could be rock bottom for many homeless people.
  • Mike points out the government is to blame here.
  • Mike explains the homeless issue directly affects the personal liberty of citizens.
  • Patrick discusses the conflict he's had with a homeless person.
  • Mike says he believes the stories he hears, but the stories themselves do nothing to help the situation.

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