TNR240: Abe Abdelhadi Returns to the Rant

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The Nightly Rant Episode 240 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome a friend of the show, Abe Abdelhadi.

Listen to The Nightly Rant Episode 240

The Nightly Rant Episode 240 Show Notes

  • Mike discusses how he has been sharing every episode all over social media.
  • Mike introduces the guest, Abe Abdelhadi.
  • Mike talks about his experiences with Rod Stewart.
  • Abe goes on about how Democrats are losing their minds.
  • Abe says Democrats always blame everyone else when they lose.
  • Abe advocates eliminating the Electoral College
  • Abe says people can't talk about politics without losing their minds.
  • Mike says eliminating the Electoral College will bring corruption to the process.
  • Abe says people love to blame third parties for the outcome of elections.

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