TNR275: You’re Fired!

Episode 275: You're Fired!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 275 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome Brian from Your Favorite Blockhead for another amazing episode.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 275 Show Notes

Mike makes Torya discuss how she recently fired a client. Mike introduces Brian Little from Your Favorite Blockhead to join them in the discussion.

Torya explains how she was constantly blamed for things she had no access to. Mike says the client made him angry as well. Torya tells about a final text she received from this client.

Brian feels like he has to say that the feud with Torya is all in fun, but is it really?

Mike explains his take on Torya's situation.

Mike explains that the dude replaced Torya. Apparently, that replacement lasted 12 hours in total.

Torya describes the aftermath, including the client telling people he fired Torya.

Brian says what Mike was feeling is Authentic Rage. Mike loves the term. Torya says she called this guy a Dick Weasel. Mike and Brian laugh about that word.

Brian tells the story of his daughter watching TikTok videos.

Brian explains how he feels people act on podcasts is their true persona because they get to let their hair down.

Mike explains why authenticity is important to him.

Part 1 ends with Brian talking about how middle school kids “listen” to teachers.

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