TNR276: You’re Fired! (Part 2)

Episode276: You're Fired! (Part 2)

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The Nightly Rant Episode 276 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome Brian from Your Favorite Blockhead for another amazing episode.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 276 Show Notes

Part 1 is located at Please give it a listen.

Part 2 opens with Mke recapping Authentic Anger and what it means. Mike explains what he means by Authentic Anger (or intellectual anger).

Mike says that he has a son who is a sophomore in high school and he uses words to the extreme. He says it so many times that you want to kill him. Most times his son doesn't even know what the word means. Mike says he would rather that happen at home than in public.

Mike again points out that you could have 20 opinions about 20 things and Mike could disagree with 5 of them. That doesn't make you enemies. He says this is why you can't be authentic with people in society.

Mike mentions an organized religion that forced its members to answer using the written articles they provided. It was clearly brainwashing. Brian relates this to a church he knows of.

Torya talks about Pastafarians.

Mike and Brian discuss sports and why people get so confused by the rules of different sports.

Mike discusses how Brian doesn't care for cussing. Brian has asked that they do their best to keep it clean, but allow them to do their thing. Brian is authentic in Mike's eyes and that is a key thing for Mike and Torya.

Brian says intentions are what makes a word bad.

Brian talks about the Flagstaff hotel employee and how he was once that guy and failed his customers.

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