TNR280: Animal Rights with Lucia Giovannini

Episode 280: Animal Rights with Lucia Giovannini

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The Nightly Rant Episode 280 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome Lucia Giovannini to discuss animal rights and changing the behavior of humans.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 280 Show Notes

The show opens with Mike discussing the fact he is picking up a puppy for a foster. Torya mentions the rescue picked up 9 dogs. Mike says this will be the first female foster.

Mike introduces Lucia Giovannini, a former international Italian supermodel, and author of 13 books and she transforms audiences through her speaking. She is a passionate animal rights person.

Mike discusses their fosters and how they treat them. This leads to Lucia discussing how she advocates for animals. She has an organization in Italy called United for the Little Ones. She explains exactly what they do and it is amazing!

They discuss some issues they've had with foster dogs and explain how wonderful the rescue is with those dogs. They discuss how rewarding all of this is.

Lucia gives her take on animals and how they interact with humans.

Lucia describes how she helps people make changes in their lives.

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