TNR281: I am Entitled to My Opinion

Episode 281: I am Entitled to My Opinion

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The Nightly Rant Episode 281 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss their dismay with society and how society has replaced facts with opinions.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 281 Show Notes

Mike opens the show announcing the adoption of Bree, their former foster dog. They banter about the dog and her potential names.

Mike transitions into a discussion about people and their way of seeing things. He feels people have replaced the truth with an opinion.

Mike rants about how people think their opinions are always right. He argues that opinions can definitely be wrong.

Mike asks if opinions are facts. Torya says it is because people are stupid.

Torya says that there must be some lack of education.

Torya explains how Mike handles discussions. She says Mike hammers them with the facts. She says this makes people defensive.

They then rant about how people try to shove their opinion onto others as though they are fact.

Various aspects of opinions are discussed.

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