TNR289: Social Media Insanity

Episode 289: Social Media Insanity

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The Nightly Rant Episode 289 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss yet another crazy social media interaction.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 289 Show Notes

Mike is annoyed by fake people. He describes an incident with a member of their community group. This person didn't like that the episode discussed Trump.

Mike is annoyed that people don't grasp what is relevant to a community in the United States. He explains the story and how he handled things.

Torya is annoyed that people don't actually read the articles they complain about. They simply read the title and react.

Torya says she understands that things will offend people, but people can learn to control their reactions.

Mike points out that you can learn something from everyone.

Torya says she\'s changed her opinion on things based on her discussions with Mike. Mike says that just means Torya has finally gotten it right.

Mike reviews an article about how to get along with people you disagree with.

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