TNR288: Streaming Content and Getting Paid

Episode 288: Streaming Content and Getting Paid

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The Nightly Rant Episode 288 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss streaming services and ways content creators can make money.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 288 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by discussing how people get outraged when content creators charge for their content. He points out that there is hypocrisy at play because those same people have no problem paying for a Patreon subscription to receive \”bonus content\”.

Mike says he is enjoying YouTube these days because he can see all the segments of shows like 60 Minutes and Dateline NBC and not have to sit through segments he has no interest in.

They discuss Chris Hansen and his YouTube channel, Crime Watch Daily. People have complained in comments that he is making money by charging for the content. Why shouldn't he be able to charge for his content?

The conversation diverts to internet speed and how getting faster and faster internet becomes an obsession. Convenience is what drives everything.

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