TNR293: Jackson Horn Debates Freedom

Episode 293: Jackson Horn Debates Freedom

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The Nightly Rant Episode 293 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss the concept of freedom with Jackson Horn.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 293 Show Notes

Mike explains why you should never trust the weatherman. This leads to a weather discussion.

Torya introduces Jackson Horn.

Mike says they will be discussing YouTube. He asks Jackson his thoughts on YouTube.

Jackson brings up impeachment. He gives his opinion. He says he uses YouTube to get informed about certain ideas. He sees YouTube as a learning tool. He doesn’t care about vlogs.

Mike talks about how his kids used YouTube to learn to play games. Mike says he likes YouTube for entertainment and knowledge.

Jackson rants about how people disagree so they ignore the expert.

Mike explains that he is concerned that the information being presented is wrong.

Torya doesn’t like YouTube at all.

Mike asks how to know something is a scholarly article. Mike sees the rating system as a big help in this area.

Jackson says he has knowledge based upon facts and not just what he thinks is true. This leads to a discussion of conservative ideals.

Jackson says America’s freedom is rooted in our military strength. Mike disagrees. He probes Jackson’s comment by asking why we don’t get invaded.

Mike points out that military strength doesn’t make someone right. He points out that geographically, the United States is difficult to invade. He says we shouldn’t be the world’s police force.

Jackson doubles down on his comment and refuses to answer the question. Mike points out that the “I heard this so it is true” is one of the big things that bother him. He points out that Jackson has failed to back up his opinion.

They discuss “objective evidence” and what it means. Mike points out that being wrong is OK.

Jackson defines freedom as “making choices for yourself.” Mike gives the actual definition and points out how Jackson’s definition doesn’t fit. Jackson sees this as chaos.

Mike says true freedom allows people to do what they want with local society setting the rules. Only when society decides will there be freedom.

Jackson says that if we lacked freedom, he couldn’t walk across the street.

Mike points out that the limitations themselves prove we don’t have freedom. He points out the importance of defining the terms.

Jackson proves he doesn’t understand freedom. He summarizes Mike’s argument incorrectly.

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