TNR294: Animal Rescue with Margy Feldhuhn

Episode 294: Animal Rescue with Margy Feldhuhn

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The Nightly Rant Episode 294 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome guest Margy Feldhuhn to discuss animal rescue efforts.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 294 Show Notes

Mike and Torya are back from Denver.

Mike discusses the high school kids all wrapped up in 50-degree weather. He found it funny after being in 20-degree weather in Denver.

Mike announces the latest addition to the Zoo. They’ve adopted a kitten named Jasper.

Mike introduces their guest, Margot.

Margy discusses her agency and how it operates. She explains how the business works.

This leads to a discussion about animal rescue. Margy explains her involvement.

Margy explains how adoption works in Rhode Island. She mentions Vintage Pet Rescue ( She says the biggest problem is not strays, but owner surrender.

Mike tells the story of adopting Yogi.

Margy talks about rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters.

They discuss their saddest rescue stories.

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