TNR324: That’s Not Entitlement

Episode 324: That's Not Entitlement

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The Nightly Rant Episode 324 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss how expensive prescription drugs Mike and Torya discuss whether or not protesting is entitlement.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 324 Show Notes

They begin by discussing Torya’s dental appointment

Apparently, someone is angry with a local dentist.

Torya describes a motor-home they saw that indicates the owners are pissed at a dentist.

Mike mentions some people on Facebook who were calling someone who wants to protest the lockdowns “entitled”

Mike rants about entitlement and what is and what it is not.

Mike says he doesn't love the idea, but making sure that people are given sick time in order to make them comfortable is one solution to this problem.

Mike mentions his personal vlog. He can be found at

Torya rants about Gavin Newsom wanting to close Orange County beaches.

They both agree that people who want to go back to work should be allowed to do so.

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