TNR331: Are we humans about to be extinct?

Episode 331: Are we humans about to be extinct?

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The Nightly Rant Episode 331 Summary

Mike and Torya get into a discussion about the lockdowns.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 331 Show Notes

They open up discussing the potential of reopening the county.

They discuss the confusion surrounding CDC recommendations and warnings.

They have a discussion about all the conflicting information they’ve received.

They discuss some of the comments made by Joe Biden. Many of these comments have been racist.

The discussion moves to how confusing the guidelines for reopening are.

Healthcare is discussed in relation to the coronavirus.

Mike warns what is next is controversial. He says gay rights have become overly complicated by adding to the acronym LGBT. The issue seems to progress further and further. Pieces keep getting added.

They discuss people saying “we can’t allow viruses to spread to others” and Mike asks why it is anyone else’s job to keep us from getting sick. He says we have become too politically correct as a society.

Mike wants to know if there is any scientific evidence that the human species is on the brink of extinction and the answer is no.

Mike says that he doesn’t feel we should be so restricted. He points out that just because we disagree on one issue doesn’t mean they disagree on any other issues.

Torya discusses being called a “left-wing hack” for saying neither Biden nor Trump is qualified to be president.

They discuss the concept of finding common ground.

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