TNR332: Jordan Harbinger Brings Reason to the World

Episode 332: Jordan Harbinger Brings Reason to the World

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The Nightly Rant Episode 332 Summary

Mike and Torya welcome Jordan Harbinger to the show!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 332 Show Notes

Mike opens the show introducing their guest, Jordan Harbinger.

Jordan chimes in to discuss the low death rate from COVID-19. Mike says he is of the opinion that the world went crazy because the WHO scared everyone. As details come out, it starts to become clear there was an overreaction.

Mike says it surprises him that Americans willingly gave up so many freedoms to deal with this. Jordan says it makes sense to err on the side of caution. Mike asks why we didn’t do the same for SARS or MERS. Jordan says we didn’t have as much social media hysteria. He says that with SARS and MERS most people didn’t know anyone who had it and international travel wasn’t as prevalent.

Jordan also says that since China is now the “boogie man” it scares us more because we just don’t trust them. He points out that even Canada looks at China as the boogie man. He says 86% of Canadians look at China disfavorably.

Mike says that when China admits something is bad, it is probably exponentially worse. He then gives details on the Huawei issue Jordan brought up previously.

Mike asks Jordan if he thinks this is a bio weapon. Jordan says he thinks it was more likely incompetence that causes this pandemic. He doesn’t believe it was a bio weapon. He discusses how bad the cleanliness standards are in Chinese markets.

Jordan says he discovered that it is easy to tell if a virus has been altered. This is what experts have told him, so he believes the cat would have been out of the bag long ago.

Mike and Jordan agree that this could have happened due to poor controls at a lab. It could also have been poor hygiene standards. We just don’t really know.

Jordan sees no evidence it was intentionally released. He even makes the point that you wouldn’t infect your own people. This is why he thinks it was an accident or negligence.

Mike probes Jordan about erring on the side of caution and asks why large companies were allowed to be open, but smaller places are not. Jordan says he thinks it has to do with lobbying power.

Jordan says he feels this smacks of big companies just challenging the government and the government not wanting to waste time suing them.

Torya says that those who scream the loudest are not always right.

Mike discusses a friend who opened his gym and was arrested. After being arrested he got media attention and was left alone.

Mike opines that if you have a platform you can accomplish things others cannot.

Mike and Jordan discuss that it will take a very long time to recover from these lockdowns. He mentions that 25% of restaurants won’t ever reopen.

Mike points out that while evictions are stopped currently, tenants are still going into debt.

Jordan points out that working from home is very hard for some. He hopes some good will come from all of this. He points out we have to join together and hold big companies accountable for taking money not meant for them.

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