TNR333: Just Vote

Episode 333: Just Vote

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The Nightly Rant Episode 333 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the importance of voting.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 333 Show Notes

Mike opens the show saying they have lots of guests these days. The last one was banned.

Mike says they get accused of false things all the time. They are demonized for dumb things.

They discuss how there are many opinions one can hold on any given issue.

Torya points out what a terrible candidate Biden is.

Mike doesn’t agree that Kamala Harris is a competent candidate.

Mike points out how inconsistent people are. They think if you’re against their opinion you must be part of the opinion they despise.

Torya says she would vote for Vermin Supreme.

Mike discusses the prevailing attitude that “your guy” should win regardless of his credentials. Anyone against that is a huge problem to them.

Torya says she saw a Trump Facebook ad with a poll he is conducting to show he is going to beat Biden. She commented that both suck and can’t we have new candidates. She was called a leftist nut job.

She told the person they should learn to read. Her comment opposed both candidates. She got 20 more comments stating she’s a leftist. Finally, someone defended her comment.

People assume things and then argue against their assumptions and expect you to fight back.

Mike discusses the appearance of Jordan Harbinger. He also refers listeners to the “Ban Hammer” episode.

Mike says Jordan is one of five people he’s always wanted to talk to. Mike says Jordan’s show has always been one of his favorites. Mike explains why he likes Jordan so much.

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