TNR334: COVID and the Ban Hammer With Brian Little

Episode 334: COVID and the Ban Hammer With Brian Little

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The Nightly Rant Episode 334 Summary

Mike and Torya are joined by Brian Little of Your Favorite Blockhead.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 334 Show Notes

Mike announces he is a statistic. He was tested for COVID-19.

Mike describes the testing process.

Torya introduces Brian from Your Favorite Blockhead.

Brian expresses gratitude that he was not hit with the ban hammer.

Mike describes what happened when the ban hammer fell.

Mike points out that they were teased about saying the death rate was lower than reported and the death rate is now officially announced as lower than reported.

Mike rants about the COVID-19 stats.

Mike discusses why he says never vote Republican or Democrat. He rants about the insanity he sees in this prospect.

Brian chimes in. He says how we vote is our business. He says he tends to vote for the underdog.

Brian discusses his desires for his students.

Mike rants about how unqualified Joe Biden really is.

Mike dispels the myth about third party voters.

They go on to discuss why you should believe people who tell you there are problems they've experienced.

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