TNR346: Political Extremes: The Left

Episode 346: Political Extremes: The Left

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The Nightly Rant Episode 346 Summary

Mike and Torya discuss political extremes with the left being first up.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 346 Show Notes

Torya says the people on the extreme left don’t listen to anyone they don’t agree with 100%.

Torya rants about an interaction she had with crazy people on the left.

They resort to calling anyone who disagrees a MAGAt.

They complain when anyone picks on their candidate, yet they do the same to the other candidate.

Torya relates the interaction she’s had.

Mike discusses how much inconsistency exists in Torya’s interaction with those on the left.

Mike rants that he won’t vote for a Democrat or a Republican so how exactly is his vote a vote for Trump?

Mike talks about how Biden wants to get children back to market quickly.

They rant about Biden’s dumb comments.

Mike says if someone is respectful to him, he’s respectful as well. If you are rude, he is also rude.

Mike says people on the left are quick to block people.

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