TNR412: From Above

TNR 412: From Above

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The Nightly Rant Episode 412 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss an AITA post about bringing food to a BBQ

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The Nightly Rant Episode 412 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by saying that Torya and Olympic divers have something in common, they are both afraid of things that come from above. It’s true.

Then Torya shares an article she read about in The Onion and how Olympic divers were tormented by hawks that built nests on a nearby platform.

Here’s the link to the article:

Then she shares how horrified she was by this kind of stuff and how she was scared of birds, and imagine its size – 5 feet wingspan. Mike believes this is fiction and no way this was real.

Torya thinks that news reporters tried so hard to have zero emotions because they’re reporting the news and are technically supposed to be unbiased but none of them are actually unbiased that they end up sounding like a bunch of spineless maggots. They have no spine, they have no opinion and they’re nothing useful. She thinks if people read the news like how she read that article, they would be riveted and you would be so into whatever they are talking about.

He points out that they need to inject their personality, they need to be storytellers. Take the news and story tell it coz that’s how it makes it interesting. Then Torya talks about some Canadian shows that parody the news

Then they talked about how the news should be interesting, but Mike disagrees that the news should be informative. Then they argue because they were now lost at what topic they are talking about.

Mike then asks Torya what is her favorite for the year 2021. She then thinks that her favorite memory will be their trip to Vegas, he agrees to it. But He feels that the bigger memory than the trip itself is what happens in the buildup to the trip, the things that change among them and what they maintain after the trip is what is amazing. Anyone can go on vacation and have those lovey-dovey times and be connected but to get it before you go, build it while you’re there and when you come back keep it at a high level is why he always says they were a great team. Then they talked about things they should have done while in Vegas.

They end the show by saying this year 2021, a dog-friendly patio is one of the things you can search in Yelp

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