TNR413: Another AITA about Food

TNR413-Another AITA about Food

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The Nightly Rant Episode 413 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya look at another AITA from Reddit.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 413 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by saying how lucky he is with his life. He can live his life as much as he has, he has 4 amazing kids, 1 failed marriage, and now this marriage which to be honest he couldn’t ask for a better marriage if he designed it himself from the scratch. Like if he went to a subway of marriages, he could not create a better one than this one. 

He’s also proud of all of his children in different ways. They all have their own things and he’s proud of them. Then they talked about Mitchell, his youngest son, and how he is amazing. And recently, after their doctor's visit, Mike asked the doctor about the potential long-term side effect of the vaccine. And the doctor made a great point that the side effects you know for sure you can get from COVID are far worst than anything you can get from the vaccine. His point was he feels that you need to live and make your decision based on the known and not on the unknown coz the unknown will remain unknown for such a long period of time.

Fast forward, Mitchell comes to Mike and discusses how he wants to have the vaccine to be able to live a somewhat normal life. He really was proud of himself for taking his time to make a decision on something that big. How fast time flies and soon he’ll be off to college.

Then Torya discusses another Am I The Asshole post about a waitress in a restaurant chain known for their ice cream and asking if she is wrong for not wanting to allow him to order the Mac and cheese that makes their child sick. Then she asks Mike what his point is about this.

Mike’s answer is unexpected. The waitress is not the asshole in the story. If that lady didn’t open her mouth and still serves the kid with mac and cheese even though the mom already knows that her kid will throw up and they're gonna leave and the poor woman will gonna clean that disgusting vomit. His answer is surprising for him because typically he would answer to let their own business. But this is her business. Because she is the one who will clean up the mess their child made. He really turns rant mode on. What kind of parent gives their children something they know for sure will make them sick? And how they feel so entitled in the restaurant. Even the dogs are kinda scared. That’s why this was called the Nightly Rant.

Torya 100% agrees with Mike’s stand about this post. And how other people think this was child abuse. She also points out how that child didn’t bother to go to the bathroom when throwing up. She thinks that the child was the real asshole in the post. She didn’t expect that Mike will go rant about this topic. Then they think about maybe the parents didn’t believe in food allergies, the same topic as the last AITA post they talked about.

Then they talked about how lunatic people think about a certain scenario: The government made up COVID. COVID is fake. There are videos of people in hospitals. There are people coming online talking about how they had covid. The extent to which this conspiracy is to be spread is just impossible. COVID is not FAKE! The word is RADLY SUSS.

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