TNR421: Mental Health Crisis

TNR421: Mental Health Crisis

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The Nightly Rant Episode 421 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya are joined by Tim McCarthy to discuss mental health and other things.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 421 Show Notes

Mike and Torya started the show by saying how ranty Mike was when Torya only wanted to take a nap. Then Mike shares the story about Payoneer and how they will feel his wrath.

Then Mike introduces the guest for today’s show, Tim McCarthy, a mental health advocate, suicide attempt survivor, and the host of the podcast, 20TIMinutes. Mike loved the name of the podcast, and Tim says it is easy to come up with the name when his friends came up with the name.

Then Mike asked what got him into being a mental health advocate. Tim became a mental health advocate because 2019 was the worst year of his life. On May 5th,2019 he attempted to hang himself.  After that he knew he really needed help pretty badly.  He went on therapy, got help and finally, when he got out of his dark place, he reached out to family and friends, to tell them what happened. He was embarrassed but was told not to be and just wear it, just be who you are. He then started with the podcast. He wants to help people with his story.

Then Mike asked Tim what cause him to push the suicide attempt before he sought help. Tim answered that he was just miserable every day. He had this habit of saying serious things in a joking tone, and people don’t know if he was serious or not. He feels everything sucks. He then shares about everything on the day of his suicide attempt. His cat saves the day. Then they talked about their cats.

Tim then shares some advice he can give to people who have the same position as him. The easiest advice is to reach out to somebody that has a support system but the hardest thing to do. There is somebody for somebody. No one likes to see someone fails. Make sure you have someone to talk to. Just reached out. Then they talked about Tim being married and why he didn’t talk to her about that. He answers that he thinks he still figuring out himself. He kinda forgot the other side.

Torya then asks Tim how his podcast helps him now. He knew he can help other people by doing the podcast. He then talked about the kind of stuff about his podcast and who he had already interviewed. Torya asked Tim how he became Nintendo Friendo Champion. Tim then shares the funny story behind it.

Mike then asks Tim a controversial question, how he thinks of the vaccine mandates. Tim answered that he is vaccinated. He says he is a sheep. He said that if this thing kills him, it’s fine. But he thinks that it is super fucked up to force people to take the shot or they gonna lose their job, he thinks everyone had the right to decide on what they want to do with their bodies. Then Mike points out that he wants consistency. Then Mike tells a funny story about using Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Mike shares that there is a stigma about mental health issues and you can’t even tell your spouse about it because you’re too embarrassed about it. That’s the sad part about it Listener if you are depressed or feeling down, send us an email at info@yogispodcastnetwork. We will get in touch with you. Somebody needs to be there with someone.

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