TNR429: The House Plant in the White House

TNR429: The House Plant in the White House

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The Nightly Rant Episode 429 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss misinformation and the current resident in the White House affectionately nicknamed The House Plant.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 429 Show Notes

Mike opens the show by talking about the misinformation that goes around. He says that at the start of the pandemic, the main reason they told us to wear masks was to protect other people from us, not to protect us from other people and all the covid. He’s not a pro-mask or anti-mask. They complied with places that required them to wear a face mask.

Then they talked about the new president. And having a new president comes a new press secretary. And for Mike, she just looks like Peppermint Patty from the Charlie Brown – Peanuts series. The way they are inconsistent really makes Mike mad. She was then asked about Hunter Biden's business dealings in China and she says that he is not an employee of the Federal Government completely missing the point that the president claims his son didn’t have any business dealings with China. 

Then they talked about the smash and grab lootings going on, running around stealing from malls and big box stores. She claims that stuff going on is due to Covid. Torya asked why would they steal Nike and watches? It's not like they’re stealing vaccinations or cold medicines, they’re stealing high-ticketed items. And the Mayor of Chicago blames the businesses for the smash and grab robbery saying that they should hire more security. Then they were asked about the $1.2 Trillion dollars Build Back Better plan and they claim that it doesn’t cost a penny. 

Then they continue talking about the Omicron variant in Africa and the travel ban. 

Mike then says that Joe Biden has a stutter so it's not racist. Her claim was that Biden is too busy for a TV interview and yet continues to go on vacation. Torya says it's because houseplants can't stay in direct sunlight for too long. And they really have a good laugh about this. 

Then when she asks about the vaccine mandates and how other courts have shut down and called them illegal and she went to the next reporter and basically refuses to answer the question. Very typical thing about this administration. Then they continued talking about some of the questions asked to her and her answers.

Torya says that Hillary Clinton would have been a better first woman in the White House. She had a pair of balls. She knows how to do politics properly without being a BITCH. She then says that COVID is the root cause of INFLATION. 

Torya ends the show by saying that she is sad that people are not picking up the word RAD. 

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