TNR431: How NOT To Get Scammed

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The Nightly Rant Episode 431 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss how to avoid being a victim of a scammer.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 431 Show Notes

Mike found a monthly membership place. ‘Assisted stretching’ is what they called it, and they had all the good things to say about this. Until ….

Regular listeners would know that Mike has had thousands of interactions with scammers and has never been fooled. Mike explains the scam and what happened. It was a company card and they paid for the next session with them. A month later, Mike talks to someone at the company. Mike accepts responsibility, 95%, and he explains that he didn’t follow up. 

Mike then explains why he doesn’t use the membership anymore. Torya tells that because he doesn't go, she doesn't go. Mike and Torya now need to watch youtube stretching videos as it helps them with headaches, sleep etc.

Mike and Torya bicker about who the dogs would sleep with if they slept in separate beds like an old couple. Mike explains that changing his pillows has impacted his sleep and happy sleeper, a happy wife.

Mike explains that he has had trouble with his insurance company and the doorbell camera. They pay an annual fee as they get a discount. Mike explains the frustrating situation he had with this company and his card. It was a long process of trying to update their card for their subscription. Mike says that companies need to work on their customer service, where they review the processes they have for certain situations. 

Mike and Torya are shocked with how many episodes The Nightly Rant has and thank the listeners.

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