TNR430: AITA: Not Enough Money for College

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The Nightly Rant Episode 430 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss an AITA post about college money from parents.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 430 Show Notes

Mike and Torya talk about Bree, the dog. Mike tells Torya that her tagline is “she makes me laugh every day”. Torya jokes that she likes Mike the same way she likes the dog. Mike and Torya discuss this. Torya covers her tracks and tells Mike there are 100 reasons why she loves him.

Torya calls Mike a ‘turd sandwich”. There is joke talk of possibly some violence following this comment. 

Bree is special. She has big dog feelings. Mike and Torya explain these feelings and how laughing makes her more comfortable. Bree had free training to help her stop jumping. Yogi is different and one of Mike’s complaints is Yogi has to snick every blade of grass. 

Today’s topic is ‘Am I the asshole’. They describe a scenario ‘Am I an asshole for telling my dad that the 5K he gave me for college is not enough.’. Torya explains this scenario and asks if this person is the asshole. 

Reaction number 1 is that she is maybe an asshole as she should trust what their parents are doing. There is a ‘even if’ comment. 

Reaction 2 is that the person was upset about their dad blowing off their celebration dinner

Torya explains that she was the golden child in her family. She describes how. Mike asks if this was made clear to Torya and her brother growing up. Torya explains that she doesn’t think her parents really treated them differently. 

Torya’s opinion is that the dad is the asshole for blowing off the person at the celebration. Mike says they are both the asshole and the daughter ends up as the asshole for complaining about the money. However, Mike ends up agreeing with Torya. 

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