TNR500: We Made It To 500!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 500 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the history of The Nightly Rant

The Nightly Rant Episode 500 Show Notes


The Nightly Rant podcast celebrates its 500th episode as hosts Mike and Torya reflect on their journey so far. They discuss their love for pets and some of their favorite guests, including Colin, who lost his granddaughter to suicide and now helps others avoid the same fate.

The hosts reveal that they record episodes in advance to provide weekly content and have scaled back from daily to one episode a week. They have also launched new content, including a video podcast, and are committed to content creation. The hosts talk about their experience meeting a guest (Sadia) from their podcast in person and bonding over a comedy club. They plan to collaborate with her on a video and encourage listeners to support her.

The episode ends with a rant from Torya about a rude person at a Golden Knights game. The hosts express gratitude for their listeners' support and hope for even more fun in the next 500 episodes. They also promote their network's editing, production, and show note creation services. Overall, the 500th episode serves as a celebration of their journey and a reminder of the many entertaining conversations they've had along the way.


  • [0:09:44]: Torya shares her annoyance with people who mistreat their dogs at the park.
  • [0:09:55]: Mike and Torya discuss their approach to playing with their dogs at the park.
  • [0:10:33]: Torya talks about her respect for their cat, Miss Olive, and how she has earned her trust.
  • [0:11:42]: Torya struggles to remember past podcast episodes but reflects on the dark beginnings of their show.
  • [0:12:56]: Mike and Toria discuss their recent episode with guest Sadia and how it marked a personal milestone for Torya.
  • [0:14:15]: Mike notes that their recent guest, Sadia, was the first guest with whom Torya spoke so much, and they discuss their recent visit to a comedy club with her.
  • [0:14:57]: Mike and Torya reflect on the evolution of their podcast, from recording every night to once a week, and their upcoming content creation plans.
  • [0:16:48]: Torya agrees to go on stage at a comedy club if they receive 500 likes on their YouTube video featuring Sadia.
  • [0:17:45]: Mike and Torya discuss their friendship with Sadia and encourage listeners to support her on Instagram.
  • [0:18:58]: Torya recommends that listeners hunt down Sadia on YouTube for her hilarious songs about dicks.
  • [0:19:01]: Mike agrees to include a link to Sadia's YouTube channel in the show notes.
  • [0:19:58]: Torya discusses some of her favorite guests on the show, including Sadia and Brian Little.
  • [0:20:25]: Torya adds Abe From of “The Bitter Truth” to her list of favorite guests.
  • [0:21:03]: Mike and Torya reflect on the importance of mental health issues and discuss a recent guest, Colin, who lost his granddaughter to suicide and turned his grief into a crusade to help others.
  • [0:21:43]: Mike and Torya discuss a guest who they can't stand and who caused problems during a previous appearance on the show.
  • [0:22:13]: Torya goes on a rant about a group of people who cut in line at a Golden Knights event.
  • [0:23:06]: Torya continues her rant about the group of people and their behavior at the event.
  • [0:23:57]: Torya talks about a frustrating experience at a payment booth and a group of people who were too lazy to move around them.
  • [0:24:30]: Mike and Toria reflect on the growth of their podcast and the Yogis podcast network, which offers editing, production, and show note creation services.
  • [0:25:05]: Torya mentions their upcoming video featuring Sadia and their Vegas adventures, and Mike highlights the beauty of the desert in Vegas.

Best Quotes:

  • “I just love animals. They're like a passion of mine.” – MIke
  • “Life at the time was kind of fucked up. I mean, if you think about it, it wasn't our best part of our life, honestly.” – Mike
  • “It's probably the most I've ever talked on an episode.” – Torya
  • “If we can get 500 people to reach out to us via email after listening to this episode, I will go up on stage.” – Torya
  • “I think he kind of removed himself.” – Mike on a guest they can't stand
  • “She fucking goes past me and goes straight up to the person. She knows I was there before her.” – Mikeon a group of people who cut in line at a Golden Knights event
  • “The Yogis podcast network has grown out of all of this.” – Mike
  • “And don't forget, People 1000 likes on this video on YouTube. And I will make sure that Mike videos my appearance going up for three minutes on Wise Guys.” – Torya

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TNR500: We made it to 500!