TNR57:The Santa Ana Riverbed Homeless Camp

TNR57:The Santa Ana Riverbed Homeless Camp

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The Nightly Rant Episode 57 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss their visit to the Santa Ana Riverbed homeless encampment. They talk about what impressed them and what made them upset. They talk all about what happened during their visit.

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The Nightly Rant Show Notes

Mike and Torya were present at the Santa Ana Riverbed homeless encampment and speak about what they experienced (1:02)

A nice rant about Supervisor Todd Spitzer (2:36)

Torya\'s first impression of the homeless encampment (3:00)

Shout out to the OC Sheriff (5:30)

Torya saw good, sad and angry (9:45)

Torya was unimpressed by Todd Switzer (10:08)

Spitzer spreading his lies (12:38)

Torya describes her feelings about the person defending Todd Spitzer (13:21)

Spitzer was wearing a black pinstripe suit (13:43)

When Mike is elected as a Supervisor he would have shown up wearing casual clothing and ready to help (14:14)

Switzer is a good runner (16:31)

Mike discusses his impression of Supervisor Switzer (16:53)

Where were the other Supervisors (20:12)

Torya wants her 12 seconds to tell Spitzer what she thinks (23:10)

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