TNR87: Dirty Clothes Really Stink!

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The Nightly Rant Episode 87 Summary

In this episode, Mike and Torya discuss the inventions that have made life easier like home dry cleaning, Scotchguard, Febreze and other items that are similar. They talk about how amazing they are.

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The Nightly Rant Episode 87 Show Notes

Stating the obvious, dirty clothes are no fun!

Mike discusses home dry cleaning solutions and how well they actually work. Just a little bit of product in a bag and 20 minutes in the dryer and it is clean. Shout out to Dryel! Apparently, this works really well!

Mike talks about Scotch Guard and how it has protected their new couch. He says that it has kept all stains off the couch.

Torya mentions her turbi twist that is for her hair. Mike discusses Keurig and how it has made making coffee so much easier.

The flexi leash is another great invention.

Torya says that the Roku box is something she feels makes life easier. Since they've switched to streaming services they've found the Roku even more helpful.

They discuss the track meet. Alyssa got a PR in her mile.

Apparently, they went to a new restaurant that is like a Chinese Chipotle. You pick a base, protein and toppings along with sauces. It was very delicious.

Mitchell is looking for Rit to dye his shoes. Apparently, it is available at Walmart.

Yogi came to the meeting. He was scared of the starter's pistol sounds. He was shivering. He can't come to track meets anymore.

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